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Charlie Clark's History

Charlie Clark's Steakhouse

Charlie Clark's is reportedly the 5th oldest Steakhouse Restaurant in Arizona & the oldest continuously operating in the White Mountains of Arizona!

Wherever you go you will find historic places and stories, but few can compare to the history and story of Charlie Clark's Steak House, the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the beautiful White Mountains for 85 years.

The Adairs were a pioneer family whose homestead was located where Charlie Clarks Orchard now stands See the photo of the Adair family with Charlie Clarks in the background and orchard trees behind it.

In the days of prohibition, two log cabins joined together marked the spot where Charlie Clark's sits today. Behind what is now the present bar sat a barrel of corn squeezings, (better known as white lightening), pumped to order for your pleasure.

Prohibition was repealed in December of 1933 and shortly thereafter Jake Renfro built new additions to the original cabins, opened a completely legitimate business named "Jake Renfro's Famous Log Cabin Cafe" and the corn squeezings disappeared forever.

Jake Renfro sold the business and property to Charlie Clark in 1938 and though the building and surroundings have changed tremendously, the name has remained Charlie Clark's Steak House since that time.

Dining at Charlie Clark's was not as convenient for the patrons in those days as it is today. The customer would usually have to bartend while Charlie prepared the meal. Eating dinner at Charlie's was a full evening's project, just like at home. There weren't pre-cut steaks ready to throw on the fire, they were cut to order and sold by the pound. Potatoes were peeled and salads prepared after you ordered your meal.

Charlie Clark's reputation for his hospitality, outgoing personality and mouth-watering steaks spread rapidly and his business grew. Charlie passed on in April of 1952 but his legacy lives on. Charlie Clark's has remained a meeting place for friends to have a drink and enjoy good food.

Charlie Clark

The Adair Family

Charlie Clark's Winter 1967